Teemu Selanne: My Life por Ari Mennander,Teemu Selanne

Teemu Selanne: My Life por Ari Mennander,Teemu Selanne

January 18, 2020

Titulo del libro : Teemu Selanne: My Life
Autor : Ari Mennander,Teemu Selanne

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Ari Mennander,Teemu Selanne con Teemu Selanne: My Life

Teemu Selanne is unquestionably hockey royalty, having won countless accolades—including a Stanley Cup championship and four Olympic medals—during his storied NHL career. This deep dive into the life of a unique superstar, top athlete, and family man shows that such success and longevity have not come without complex hurdles. How did a youngster from Helsinki mature into a world-class player, one of the best of all time? What kind of personal obstacles has Selanne encountered, and how did he manage the immense pressure of representing his country and striving for his sport's top prizes? Featuring never-before-told stories from Selanne's years with the with the Winnipeg Jets, Anaheim Ducks, San Jose Sharks, and Colorado Avalanche, as well as rare color photos from his personal collection, this authorized biography is an essential read for all hockey fans.