The Art of Posuka Demizu por Demizu Posuka

The Art of Posuka Demizu por Demizu Posuka

December 10, 2019

Titulo del libro : The Art of Posuka Demizu
Fecha de lanzamiento : July 1, 2017
Autor : Demizu Posuka
Número de páginas : 192
ISBN : 4756248764
Editor : Pie International Co., Ltd.

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Demizu Posuka con The Art of Posuka Demizu

Posuka Demizu is a rising star among manga artists whose new title, The Promised Neverland, created with co-author Kaiu Shirai, is currently running in the manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan. This first collection of Posuka's work features outstanding art works from his career so far, along with new illustrations created especially for this edition. Readers will appreciate seeing Posuka's vibrant characters and compositions rendered in his characteristically precise style, gathered together for the first time in a single volume.